Crystal Clear Oxygen Facial


For the past 10 years Crystal Clear International has led the way within the beauty industry for skincare innovation. Renowned for its celebrity following and worldwide acclaim, is now here at Ellis Taylor Beauty Studio.


Crystal Clear Oxygen Facial was launched in 1995 and its success has been built upon its commitment to the research and development of new products and a passion for providing exceptional treatments that deliver outstanding results.


We have just launched the “celebrities best kept skin care secret “Crystal Clear skin rejuvenation facials and skin care products.

Celebrities such as Madonna, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Dido, just to name a few who are all devotees of the treatment, and Dita Von Tesse just swears by the results of the skin care range.
These celebrity fans have helped to generate significant public awareness and media coverage, reinforcing its position as the preferred “Beauty Treatment to the Stars!”
Here at Ellis Taylor we are already so impressed with the Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion therapy, which is why we are now pleased to announce the launch of the Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy facial.

Perfect Rejuvenation

This is the perfect rejuvenation treatment for ageing skin.
Crystal Clear Oxygen replenishes lost oxygen and the active ingredients in the serum restructure the skin.
The results are immediate, visibly plumping out the lines and wrinkles, continuing to work long after the treatment by stimulating cell regeneration.

This treatment is also the perfect choice for acne conditions due to the anti-bacterial effect of the serum, therefore potential scarring is reduced and the build up of bacteria is diminished.

Crystal Clear Oxygen Facial

Our prices are £57.00 for the Deluxe Oxygen Facial.
This incorporates cleanse, scrub, oxygen, serum, mask and shoulder,head and foot massage, tone and moisturise for approx 1hr.15 -1hr.30 mins 

Or just the Oxygen treatment only £37.00 
This incorporates cleanse, scrub, oxygen, serum tone and moisturise for approx 45 mins.

Alternatively you can have
The Combined Facial £68.00 
This is incorporating Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion into the Oxygen Deluxe Facial for optimum results. 
effectively two facials in one!